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Damages Calculator

Sophisticated Damages Calculations with No Math Required.

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The LawLite Damages Calculator automates the number crunching of calculating damages.

Finally, lawyers are free up to focus on the strategy, advocacy, and maximizing client experience.

  • Quickly produce credible offers backed by defendable breakdowns.
  • Boost client confidence with detailed advice on the value of their claim.
  • Quickly advice clients of the total cost or benefit of a settlement offer.
  • Slash the time required for junior lawyers to learn how to assess and advise on damages.
  • Easily produce multiple assessments for each claim.
  • Enhance client communication. Use the Damages Calculator to illustrate the impact of different risks on the value of the claim.
  • Support offers of compromise with detailed breakdowns to maximise the likelihood of costs consequences.
  • Use the Damages Calculator to reverse-engineer an opponents numbers to zero in on the real issues in settlement negotiations.
  • Challenge the credibility of opponent valuations.
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