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Case Builder

Next Gen Automation, Coordination and Innovation to Multiply Your Team and Scale Your Practice

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It's Time for an Upgrade!

The LawLite Case Builder will deliver a full range of long overdue upgrades for lawyers.

Finally, technology that significantly multiplies the productivity of your practice!

  • Agile project management for litigation:
    • Easily task, manage and coordinate your team (whether working remote, in the office, or on the go).
    • See the status and next required action for each case at a glance.
    • Watch the progress of your cases in real time.
  • Modern tools for coordination:
    • Ensure that tasks are seen and actioned, not buried six feet under in someone's inbox!
    • Like digital post-it notes...scroll the comment stream on the file cover sheet to get the latest on the progress of the file.
    • Principals - comment, task and tag your team for easy supervision.
  • Document allocation fixed!
    • Load documents to multiple matters at once.
    • No more lost documents - track where documents have been allocated and by which member of your team.
    • Get notifications when new documents have been allocated to your matters
    • Apply litigation-relevant attributes to documents, such as source, document date, document type, and relevance.
  • Electronic briefing made easy – barristers, share a link for solicitors to upload your brief. View it all as a tabbed electronic bundle.
  • Smart summaries - chronology is king!
    • Summarise evidence as it comes in to build up a ready history of the case.
    • Create breakout summaries by reference to issues, documents, or groups of documents which all feed into the Master Chronology.
    • Add file notes to the Master Chronology to keep everyone on the same page.
    • Tag entries with colour - coded relevance tags.
    • One click to open to the relevant page of referenced documents.
  • Secure your matters – see and control who has access to your files
  • File notes made easy:
    • Filter, search and scroll your file notes like a social media feed to quickly update yourself.
    • No more jumping around! File note all of your matters from one place.
    • Attention file notes to team members.
    • Get notifications of new file notes on your matters
  • And so much more!
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