Why should I use LawLite?

LawLite is a different animal to much of the legal tech provided to litigators so far. Rather than being file focused (i.e. just a place to store your documents, load precedents, track time and manage trust accounting) we are task focused.

We start with the tasks that you need to do to prepare and run your cases, and then work backwards from there creating tools that help you complete these tasks efficiently and to a very high standard.

LawLite is a force multiplier. We help you work at a speed and at a level that is unachievable without the assistance of technology. By letting technology do the heavy lifting, we free lawyers up to focus their time on maximising outcomes for their practice and clients.

We understand the challenges of litigation practice. We’ve been in court, we’ve been in mediations, we’ve lived the pressures of high caseloads and high needs clients. But we don’t pretend to know everything. We listen carefully to our users and you can have a direct impact on how the LawLite suite develops.

Sign up, get in touch, and join us as we work to give lawyers the tech they deserve.

Is LawLite Free?

LawLite is free to use while we are in beta (aka ‘early release’).

In time LawLite will switch over to being a monthly subscription.

Our aim is to make LawLite readily affordable to all practitioners working in litigation and ADR practice. Whether you’re starting out in a one room office above a discount supermarket, or leading a team at a top tier international super firm, we want all practitioners to be able to leverage themselves with the amazing LawLite suite.

Until then though, and always, our focus is on making a suite of tools that transforms your practice, listening carefully to you, and improving every day.

Is it easy to export and keep my work from LawLite if I decide it’s not for me?

Absolutely. A key motivator for LawLite was frustration at the way that some incumbent legal technology providers treat lawyers, erecting challenging technical barriers to taking their files with them if they want to switch to a competitor.

Exporting your work in an easy-to-use format has been baked into the LawLite model from the start. For example, the Damages Calculator and Economic Loss Analyser tools will automatically summarise all of your analysis and export it in neat easy-to-read MS Word reports.

We feel the best way to keep our customers is to listen to them carefully and work as hard as we can to give them maximum value and minimum frustration.

We want you to stay with us because LawLite makes a real difference to your practice and you believe in what we are building.

Is LawLite secure?

It sure is. LawLite religiously (dogmatically!) employs industry leading best practice security measures in everything we build. If you have any concerns at all, get in touch we could talk all day about security!

Where is my LawLite data stored?

LawLite operates on Amazon Web Services. Your data is stored on secure AWS servers in Sydney, Australia. As our customer base expands intentionally we will store user data on secure AWS servers in each user’s country of operation.

Is LawLite just for Australia?

We are building LawLite with lawyers around the world in mind. Our modular design approach is about making our products adaptable to all jurisdictions within and outside Australia.

If there are features that you need for your jurisdiction, let us know. This will help us focus our development resources where users need them the most.

The Damages Calculator can be adapted to just about any jurisdiction. If there are jurisdiction-specific calculations (like injury tables) that we don’t yet have, then contact us and we’ll build it in. In the meantime you can just enter in the results of those calculations as a Lump Sum claim.

The Economic Loss Analyser currently has the Australian Average Weekly Earnings data sets built in, as well as the Australian tax calculations. You can upload your own earnings data to the Economic Loss Analyser and perform your analysis based on pre-tax dollars for any jurisdiction. Let us know where you are working from and we will build in your country’s tax calculations too.

Why Build LawLite?

Why??!! Because the industry deserves better. Lawyers deserve:

  • Fair pricing of their legal tech tools.

  • Tools of comparable function and quality to those of professionals in other industries. Easy communication and timely help from their legal tech provider (Communication shouldn’t fall through the floor the moment the sale is made).

  • To be able to start getting real value from their tech from day one. (If you need a training day to get started and can’t figure out half the features by the time you go to use them, then that’s our fault and it’s on us to do better).

  • Tools that reduce stress and frustration, and let you get home at a reasonable hour. · Tools that help lawyers blitz their learning curve.

  • Tools that remove the barriers to having the best analysis and insights to get the best results for their clients.

  • Tools that cut the repetition, data entry, and rummaging involved in getting organised, analysing the evidence, and having the facts at your fingertips.

  • Tools that reduce the cognitive burden on lawyers, and allow them to focus on what they enjoy.

Technology should not be a gimmick, or a purchasing decision that you regret. Technology should be an extension of you. It should be a means to leverage yourself to do more, stress less, and remove the barriers to doing your best work.

Can I meet the LawLite team?

Absolutely, get in touch as we’ll set it up.

Can I suggest a feature or product that LawLite should build?

YES! We are listening. If there’s a problem you have, chances are others have it too. Let us know and if it squares with our mission we’ll put it in the pipeline.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable relying on technology in court, what if I lose internet connection?

We understand it could take time to trust new technology in your practice. That's why we've built in the ability to easily export all of your work so that it can be stored locally on your device or printed to hard copy. That way you'll have comfort in the fact that if the internet connection becomes unreliable you won't lose access to your work.

Aside from that, LawLite is built and managed by senior software engineers. From day one LawLite has been built right and built solid from the ground up.

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